Kocaeli or Izmit, beautiful city near Istanbul

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Kocaeli is a unique province centered on Izmit, between Istanbul and Sakarya. Kocaeli is located in the Gulf of Izmit on the Sea of Marmara, about 100 km east of Istanbul, in northwestern Anatolia.

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The distance between Izmit and Istanbul is only 90 km. There is a high-speed train between Izmit and Istanbul, which will take you to Istanbul within 50 minutes. This distance can be covered by car within 1:30 and another noteworthy point is that Izmit is only 50 km away from Sabiha Gokcen Airport.

Izmit is a touristic, historical, calm and green city with a unique atmosphere. Also, Izmit is one of the important industrial cities of Turkey and is considered one of the most important cities for the Turkish government. This city has a large oil refinery and paper and cement factories. The central commercial port of the Sea of Marmara is located in the city of Izmit.

The nature of Kocaeli

If we want to talk about the unique nature of Kocaeli, you should know that this city has a very beautiful and perfect nature. The green mountains that are next to the bay of Marmara Sea have created a unique view for this city. Kocaeli has class A beaches, which means very clean and suitable for swimming. It also has very beautiful paths for walking by the sea.

Like other Black Sea coastal cities, Izmit’s climate is temperate, cold in the mountains, with seasonal rains in summer and snowfall in winter.


Cost of living in Kocaeli

In terms of living costs, Kocaeli is very cheap compared to its two neighboring provinces, Istanbul and Bursa. The price of buying property and renting property for houses and apartments is much lower than in other areas. Other costs in this city, such as electricity, water and gas bills, are lower compared to other provinces in Turkey.

Since Kocaeli has many industrial sectors, it has higher economic power as a result. This has caused more jobs to be created in this city. Therefore, it can be said that the cost of living in Kocaeli is lower compared to other cities in Turkey.

Investment in Kocaeli

Kocaeli city is one of the best options for family life in Turkey. The city of Kocaeli has a beautiful view, coastal weather and unique peace. The proximity of this city to Istanbul and Sakarya is also one of the advantages that this city has for living. At the same time, Kocaeli is an industrial city that houses many factories, so it also has many job opportunities.

Real estate construction in Kocaeli is progressing and expanding rapidly and this makes the field very suitable for investment. Currently, in Kocaeli, you can invest in real estate at incredible prices and be sure that your investment will multiply with the development and expansion of this city.

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Investing in Kocaeli is possible in three ways:

  • Investing in luxury apartments, townhouses and residences
  • Investing in modern and luxury villas
  • Investing in the purchase of land (for construction or agriculture)

The development of real estate in Izmit is very impressive and it is considered one of the tourist cities and at the same time very suitable for life.

The best areas to invest in Kocaeli

Kocaeli has many good areas for investment, we will introduce some of them below:

1- Başiskele

The area of Başiskele, which has attracted the attention of foreign investors due to its clean air, sea and unique nature. There are many luxury and beautiful properties suitable for investment in this area. The peace and the beautiful view of this place is indescribable. Başiskele Beach is one of the most beautiful areas of Kocaeli for a walk by the sea.

2- Kartepe

Kartepe is one of the most beautiful tourist areas of Kocaeli. In Kartepe, there is a ski resort in the middle of a beautiful forest full of hazelnut and oak trees, which has caused many tourists to travel to this area in winter. In the summer season, entertainment such as horse riding, special mountain trails for cycling, safari riding in the hazelnut and oak forests of the region, and playing football on the special grass fields are available in Kartepe.


3- Karamürsel

Karamürsel is a very beautiful and attractive spot in Kocaeli. This beautiful area is located between Golcuk and Yalova in the south of Kocaeli Bay. Karamürsel fish restaurants are famous. There are many beautiful beaches and natural places to relax in the area. Karamusel is a region known for its natural beauty.


4- Izmit

Izmit is one of the most important areas of Kocaeli. So important that sometimes Kocaeli is known as Izmit. Izmit Grand Bazaar is very famous. In this Izmit market, you will find many restaurants, cafes and entertainment centers. Izmit beach is one of the biggest beaches in Kocaeli. Also, Seka Park is one of the largest parks in Kocaeli, located in Izmit. Izmit is divided into two upper and lower parts, which is generally the texture of the old lower part and the upper part of the new city of Izmit.


5- Değirmendere

Değirmendere is a very beautiful coastal area. This area is known as the pearl of Izmit Bay. These days, Deirman Valley has become one of the most popular areas for foreign investment. Along the beach of Deirman Valley, you can find attractive cafes, restaurants and ice cream shops that have turned this area into a tourist area. There are many beautiful sights in Deirman Valley.


Have you ever traveled to Kocaeli? Do you have the experience of living in Kocaeli? Please write us about your experience of traveling or living in Kocaeli in the comments section. Also, if you have any questions about this city, ask them to be answered by the real estate experts of the group.

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