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In a period when the increase in real estate prices is very noticeable, the question of whether it is the right time to invest in real estate has become a subject that everyone wonders. People who hesitate due to real estate price increases and want to evaluate their investments in a different way tend to other investment options such as gold, foreign currency, deposit accounts, stocks and stock markets. However, should you really invest in another field because of the real estate price increase, or is it still a great opportunity to invest in real estate?

Thanks to the advantages of seeing real estate as a reliable opportunity for investment, you can both keep your capital safe and earn income, take profit in the short and long term periods. Here is an opportunity that meets your expectations from investment; real estate market.

real estate investment

There are countries such as Turkey, Cyprus and Spain, which have become an opportunity to make real estate investments. Many people from many countries of the world have turned to Turkey, which has opportunities between residential and commercial properties in real estate investment. In addition to places such as Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya and Bodrum, which have been attracting foreign investors for a long time, there are different regions and options for investment as new destinations in Turkey. Although the increase in housing prices causes hesitation among investors, what is important in this part is exactly what you expect from the investment you will make first.

While owning a real estate, you can have a property that you can both live in by evaluating the housing option, you can amortize your payment at the end of a certain period by renting it, and you can earn a good profit when reselling it. In fact, as a homeowner from a reliable project that is under construction and that meets your needs, you can sell your property directly with a good profit at the delivery of the project, or you can earn income by renting it as mentioned.

In order to further embody the fact that the real estate market in Turkey is still in an advantageous opportunity for investment, we can consider gold or foreign currency, which are considered to be reliable investment types. When your capital is under or in foreign currency, it can increase you at certain rates, and foreign currency or gold, which can decrease in any market change, can bring profit or loss in certain processes.

Also in order for your money to gain value at a certain rate, you cannot make any use with your existing money or use it as a payment tool. You only have an asset in a corner that you expect to increase under certain conditions. However, with real estate investment, while your asset gains value in the process, you can get monthly returns on your investment with the advantage of rental income in this process and you can earn a good profit from the beginning to the end of your investment.


You can take a step forward with real estate, which is a reliable option for investment. You can contact Amlaki Group real estate investment consultants right now to find out in which regions, how and with what return you can realize your real estate investment.

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