Taputakas system – payment method for buying and selling property in Turkey

In the process of buying a property in Turkey, one of the concerns of us is how to transfer money to Turkey, as well as trusting the seller and transferring money to his account. These days, we have seen so many frauds and profiteering that before doing anything, we think about the safety points and the possibility of fraud in the process. When buying a property, one of the points that preoccupy us is...


What is Tapu? Different types of real estate documents in Turkey

If you are looking to buy a property in Turkey, you must have heard the word "tapu" many times. In Turkish, the property document is called Tapu. Tapu is actually a document that specifies your ownership of the property. All your rights are specified in the tapu or the property document. Therefore, in the Tapu, all the details of the owner or owners of the property and the details of the property are...


Kocaeli or Izmit, beautiful city near Istanbul

Kocaeli is a unique province centered on Izmit, between Istanbul and Sakarya. Kocaeli is located in the Gulf of Izmit on the Sea of Marmara, about 100 km east of Istanbul, in northwestern Anatolia. see on google map The distance between Izmit and Istanbul is only 90 km. There is a high-speed train between Izmit and Istanbul, which will take you to Istanbul within 50 minutes. This distance can be covered...

Foreign Currency Purchase Certificate

Foreign Currency Purchase Certificate

Turkey has become a center of attraction for citizens of almost all nationalities. If you want to realize your investment in Turkey and you are wondering what advantages the investment will provide for you in Turkey, you can find detailed information about the subject in our related article. IS IT THE RIGHT TIME TO INVEST IN REAL ESTATE?  Many peoples from Turkey buy property in order to obtain...

home investment


In a period when the increase in real estate prices is very noticeable, the question of whether it is the right time to invest in real estate has become a subject that everyone wonders. People who hesitate due to real estate price increases and want to evaluate their investments in a different way tend to other investment options such as gold, foreign currency, deposit accounts, stocks and stock markets....

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