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AMLAKI GROUP provides top quality, professional service and support to residential real estate owners and investors. We’re here for you to find the best destination worldwide

VIP Services
Properties Notarization
REGISTERING OF THE PROPERTIES” Amlaki Group follows up all the procedures of selling, purchasing real estate registration and issuing the property document. We also follow up everything related to the property and represent the owner with the official and governmental authorities
Furnishing and Decorating
Amlaki Group offers this service in collaboration with the finest furniture and design houses, and offers you many options that suit all tastes
Post-Purchase Services
Amlaki Group provides multiple packages of post-purchase services to its customers. It starts from the documents preparation to obtain the property document.
Properties Follow Up
Tracking Bills and Taxes
Amlaki Group keeps track of the payment of bills and taxes to its customers and reminds them of due dates.
Renting and Reselling
Amlaki Group is studying the real estate market, supply and demand rates and the rise in the prices to provide the best rental and sales opportunities for its customers
Security and Guarding
Amlaki Group provides all security and guarding systems, using a variety of solutions to provide reliable performance and ensure the highest levels of security and safet
Property Maintenance
Amlaki Group cooperates with specialists with extensive experience in maintenance and facilities repair, where we perform regular and preventive maintenance periodically

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