Advantages Of Buying an Under-Construction Property in Turkey!

One of the best ways to invest in Turkey is to buy real estate, where foreign purchases of different types of real estate in Turkey have been very well received in recent years.

No doubt you will ask many questions when buying real estate in Turkey. And an important question you should ask, which is better: buying a property under construction or buying ready to move property in Turkey?

What is the meaning of real estates under construction in Turkey?

Buying under construction property means buying a Turkish home or apartment that is not yet complete or will be built in the future. This type of sale is described as cheaper than buying ready-made properties but requires the construction company to wait until construction is completed.

Pros of buying Turkish properties under construction:

  • you will pay a lower price for the real estate. Turkish properties sold under construction are usually 30% – 40% cheaper than ready to move properties.
  • Since the property has not yet been built, the buyer has the option to specify the specifications of his apartment and choose the type and quality of the finishes.
  • under construction real estate prices are lower than those of ready for delivery. (So, it is the best time to buy) Therefore, this method is profitable to invest in.

Tips to Investing in real estate under construction in Turkey

  1. The purchase of real estate at the beginning of the offers that construction companies launch on their projects, as the prices in the beginning are distinctive and encouraging.
  2. Ensure, that the first installment be large in order to ensure reduced premiums, which reduces the possibility of difficulty in paying your payments due to you later.
  3. Ensure that a distinctive housing unit is selected during the purchase, that it is spacious and has a good view and is of greater quality, and do not forget that the project site as a whole is a strategic and required location, which guarantees you strength during the sale of the property later.
  4. Dealing with well-known construction companies in the Turkish market and having successful previous projects.
  5. Avoid speculating on prices that start immediately after delivery, and wait for a good period before selling, because the wheel in selling the property loses you a lot of profits.

We at Amlaki Group provide you with full information, advice and solutions to determine the appropriate date of sale and the appropriate price in turkey, which increases your profits.

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