Turkish Citizenship by Buying Property … Dream or Reality!

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Does buying a property in Turkey give Turkish citizenship? If you are thinking of living and work in Turkey permanently, and you want to apply for the Turkish citizenship, you could do that by applying through several programs available in turkey. Turkey economically is one of the fastest countries in the world, so if you are looking to invest in Turkey, you should always consider it a great place that has big opportunities.

Read our blog and Check How to Get Turkish Citizenship and Passport in details.

Turkey citizenship by investment programs

There are many options for obtaining the Turkish citizenship by investing, one of these options is “Buy a Property and get the Residency”.

One of the easiest options to invest in Turkey is the real estate investment program and it’s a program that has been established in 2018, it offers the individuals and their families a unique opportunity to gain citizenship in a short period of time by purchasing a property valued by 250,000 USD and the property must be maintained for three years, and the Turkish passport will be issued after 6 months.

The reasons why you want to invest in Turkey

first you will be able to travel to 111 countries without a visa, you will gain benefits from the retirement law after sixty, the investor can pass on multiple citizenships for his children and grandchildren, free education for the children below 18 years old in Turkey public schools, and you are allowed to have a dual citizenship.

Regards to the procedures and steps, you can easily know them once you have made the decision to start the investment journey. But in general, the Documents required to obtain a residence permit in preparation for applying for citizenship are the following:

  • Residence Permit Application Form.
  • Certificate of conformity (i.e., conformity of the property to the specifications the citizenship grant can be obtained from the Tabu Department).
  • Original passport + photocopy of it (applicant must be present personally).
  • Biometric photos (new).
  • Valid health insurance.

But what are the “Projects Matching the Requirements of Turkish Citizenship”?

Of course, Not every real estate project suits the citizenship, certain conditions must be met. We at Amlaki Group have chosen a range of projects appropriate for citizenship and suitable for residence or investment. Contact us now!

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